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Course : Medical Sciences | Subject : Homeopathy Science

Question :

Long Essay (2x15=30)

1. Define mother tincture. Differentiate between old and new methods of mother tincture preparation. Explain the process of percolation. (2+5+8)

2. How will you define vehicle. Classify vehicles and explain in detail about preparation of ethyl alcohol from starchy materials. (2+3+10)

Short Essay (5x8=40)

3. Explain the rules of collection of drug substances from plants and animal kingdom.

4. List out the different Acts related to homoeopathic pharmacy. Describe about the sale part of homoeopathic medicines .

5. Define drug proving. What do you mean by homeopathic pharmacodynamics.

6. What do you mean by standardisation of drugs. Explain about organoleptic evaluation of drugs.

7. Explain the different parts of prescription with examples.

Short Notes (10x3=30)

8. Concept of placebo

9. Industrial pharmacy.

10.Sarcodes and its examples

11.Drug, medicine, remedy.

12.Day book.



15.Homoeopathic pharmacopoeia of India.

16.Extemperaneous pharmacy.

17.Mortar and pestle. 

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Course : Medical Sciences | Subject : Medicine

Question :

Essay: (10)

1. Discuss the aetiopathogenesis, clinical features, laboratory investigations and management of pyogenic meningitis (2+3+2+3)

Short notes: (4x3=12)

2. Kawasaki disease

3. Enumerate the causes of splenomegaly in children

4. Acute flaccid paralysis and surveillance of poliomyelitis

5. Behavioural problems in children

Answer briefly: (5x2=10)

6. Gastro esophageal reflux disease

7. Genetic counselling

8. Hyaline membrane disease- clinical features and management

9. Inhalation therapy in bronchial Asthma

10.Failure to thrive

Draw and label: (2x2=4)

11.Internal capsule

12.PDA murmmur

One word answers: (4x1=4)

13.One X-ray finding in scurvy

14.Time of surgical correction of cleft palate

15.Vaccination schedule in Japanese B encephalitis

16.Define hypoglycemia in newborn 

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Course : Medical Sciences | Subject : OBG

Question :

Essay: (10)

1. A 52 years female, Para 4 living 4 with all vaginal deliveries, came with complaints of something coming out of vagina for 8 months and increased frequency of micturition for two months.

Answer the following: 

What is the etiology of it 

Describe supports of uterus. 

Management of the condition. (3+3+4)


Short Essays: (3x4=12)

2. Screening of cervical cancer.

3. Define infertility and write about tubal patency tests.

4. Barrier contraceptives.

Short notes: (2x3=6)

5. Vaginal candidiasis.

6. Turner’s syndrome.

Answer briefly: (3x2=6)

7. Normal semen analysis.

8. Bartholin’s cyst.

9. Indications of laparoscopy in gynecology.

One word answers: (4x1=4)

10.Clue cells are seen in …………

11.Most common virus implicated for cervical cancer

12.Condition where menstrual blood fails to come out of the genital tract due to obstruction in the passage is called as ……………..

13.‘Call Exner bodies’ are seen in which ovarian tumor.

Draw and label: (2x1=2)

14.Trichomonas vaginalis.

15.Mature Graafian follicle.

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Course : Medical Sciences | Subject : OBG

Question :

Essay: (10)

1. Define postpartum hemorrhage and mention its causes. What are the pre-existing risk factors for PPH. Discuss the management of PPH after vaginal delivery. Mention the active management of 3rd stage of labour. (2+2+4+2)

Short Essays: (3x4=12)

2. Describe the mechanism of normal labour.

3. Causes of recurrent pregnancy loss.

4. Classification and management of HELLP syndrome.

Short notes: (2x3=6)

5. Complications of twin gestation.

6. Indications and prerequisites for forceps delivery.

Answer briefly: (3x2=6)

7. Plane of least pelvic dimensions.

8. Ultra sonographic diagnosis of I.U.G.R.

9. Clinical features of scar dehiscence.

One word answers: (4x1=4)

10.Measurement of uterine contraction is -

11.Incidence of breech presentation at term is -

12.Diameter For Diagnosis Of Midpelvic Contraction.

13.Calorie intake for normal pregnancy.

Draw and label: (2x1=2)

14.Internal iliac artery and branches.

15.Types of ectopic pregnancy ******

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Course : Medical Sciences | Subject : Surgery

Question :

Structured Essay: (15)

1. A 55 years old female has come to surgical OPD with complaints of swelling in front of neck since 6 months. On examination, there is a 3 x 2 cm swelling in left side of neck and swelling moves up with deglutition and also there is a palpable 2x 2 cm firm, lymph node in level IV on the left side.

Answer the following: 

What is the most probable diagnosis in this case and how will you investigate this patient. 

Discuss about management options appropriate for this case scenario 

Briefly discuss on the various complications expected following surgery for this condition along with management for each of them

Essay: (5)

2. Define gangrene. Discuss etiopathogenesis, clinical features, investigations and management of gas gangrene.

Short Essays: (2x4=8)

3. Types and complications of modified radical neck dissection

4. Thoracic outlet obstruction

Short notes: (4x3=12)

5. Spinal anesthesia

6. Basal cell carcinoma

7. Complications of hydrocele surgery

8. Electrical burns

Answer briefly: (10x2=20)

9. Volkmans ischemic contracture


11.Stafne Bone Cyst

12.Arteriovenous fistula

13.Glasgow coma scale

14.Pigeon chest

15.Flail chest


17.Field block in hernioplasty

18.QUART therapy 

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Course : Medical Sciences | Subject : Surgery

Question :

Structured Essay (5)

1. A 60 years old male patient has come to surgical OPD with history of yellowish discolouration of eyes and urine for the past one month which is intermittent. He also gives history of passing dark coloured urine and clay coloured stools. On examination the patient has icterus with no other significant abdominal findings.

Answer the following: 

What are the probable differential diagnosis in this case scenario 

What are the investigations to be done for proceeding in this case.

 Discuss briefly upon the management of this case (1+2+2)


Short essays (2x6=12)

2. Prolapse rectum

3. Post gastrectomy syndrome

Clinical Situation (3)

4. A 35 years old male who consumes alcohol was brought to casualty with h/o of sudden onset of severe epigastric pain since 1 day. On examination he was febrile, had an anxious and sick look and was having tachycardia (+) with board like rigidity of abdomen.

Answer the following: 

What is the most likely diagnosis in this case. 

How will you proceed to investigate this patient 

Describe briefly upon management of this case

Short notes (5x2=10)

5. Phyto Bezoar

6. Gall stone Ileus

7. Mallory weiss syndrome

8. Familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP)

9. Amoebic liver abscess 

Section B – Orthopedics Marks: 30

Essay (6)

1. A 7 year old boy had fallen on out stretched hand in the school ground while playing in a swing. He had severe pain in the right elbow. On examination he has swelling and tenderness around the elbow and 3 point bony relationship is maintained.

Answer the following: •

What is your clinical diagnosis •

Outline investigations and treatment. •

Enumerate the complications. (1+3+2)


Short essays (4x3=12)

2. Myositis ossificans.

3. Management of developmental dysplasia of hip

4. Management of acute osteomyelitis

5. Carpal tunnel syndrome

Short notes (6x2=12)

6. Game keepers thumb.

7. Thomas splint

8. Sudeck’s osteodystrophy

9. Exostosis

10.Rheumatoid factor

11.Plantar fascitis. *

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Course : Medical Sciences | Subject : Medicine

Question :

Essay: (2x10=20)

1. A 20 year young male travels in two wheeler in a dusty atmosphere develops sneezing and breathlessness. He gives past episodes of wheezing. Auscultations of chest showed bilateral polyphonic wheezes. Answer the following: 

What is your diagnosis 

How will you investigate him 

How will you manage 

Precautions to prevent further episodes (2+3+2+3)

2. A young male with high risk behaviour (alcohol) developed agitations and tremulousness on hospitalization for a Medical illness. 

What is your diagnosis 

How will you manage this patient 

What are the complications 

What are the hepatic complications of alcohol abuse. (2+3+2+3)

Short notes: (20x2=40)

3. Eating disorders

4. Causes of hematuria

5. Postpartum psychosis

6. Clinical features of leprosy

7. Hazards of radiations

8. Metabolic syndrome

9. Cutaneous manifestation of HIV aids

10.Criteria for alcoholic dependence

11.Treatment of snake bite

12.Clinical features of Cushing syndrome

13.Management of eczema

14.Alpha glucosidase inhibitor

15.Dressler’s syndrome

16.Amoebic liver abscess

17.Causes of end stage renal failure

18.Prognostic features in pneumonia

19.Dissociative disorder

20.Causes of hyperpigmentation

21.Radiological diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis

22.Radiological presentation of bronchogenic carcinoma

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Course : Medical Sciences | Subject : Medicine

Question :

Essay: (2 x 10=20)

1. A 20 years young female presented with history of fever, poly arthralgia, facial puffiness, pedal edema and decreased urine output. On examination she has malar rash over the cheek, anasarca and B.P. 150/100 mm Hg.

Answer the following. 

What is your likely diagnosis 

How will you confirm the diagnosis 

How will you treat the disease 

What are the complications of the disease (2+3+3+2)


2. A 45 years old man who is a chronic alcoholic presents with the history of tarry black stools and fresh blood vomiting since 2 days. On examination he is ill looking, pale and has tachycardia. He has ascites but no palpable spleen. His blood pressure is 90/60 mm Hg. Answer the following : 

What is your likely diagnosis 

What steps should be taken immediately in the management 

How will you treat this condition 

What are the complication of this condition (2+3+3+2)

Short notes: (20x2=40)

3. Scurvy.

4. ADPKD (autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease)

5. Anti-snake venom.

6. Microbiota.

7. Neuro cardiogenic syncope.

8. Liver function tests.

9. Clinical features of Eisenmenger’s syndrome.

10.Diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea.

11.Treatment of acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (AIDP).

12.Newer antiepileptic drugs.

13.Clinical features of Conn’s syndrome.

14.Muscarinic manifestation of organophosphorus compound poisoning.

15.Syndrome of inappropriate ADH secretion.


17.Scrub typhus.

18.Modified Faine’s criteria of leptospirosis.

19.Benign increased intracranial tension ( ICT )

20.Common migraine.

21.Diagnosis of osteomalacia.

22.Jone’s criteria of rheumatic fever.

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Course : Medical Sciences | Subject : Community Medicine

Question :

Essay: (10)

1. Describe about hypertension under the following headings: 

Classification of hypertension by blood pressure levels. 

Current magnitude of hypertension in India, 

Classification and description of the risk factors for hypertension 

Approaches recommended by the WHO for prevention of hypertension (2+2+3+3) Problems: (2x5=10)


2. Janani suraksha yojana

3. Integrated disease surveillance project

Short answer Question: (5x4=20)

4. Clinical features of the different stages of measles and complications of measles

5. Child trafficking 6. Services provided under the ‘school health service’

7. Essential package of prevention of parent to child transmission (PPTCT) of HIV

8. Services provided at a health sub centre

Differentiate between: (3x2=6)

9. Disaster mitigation and disaster preparedness

10.Neonatal mortality rate and infant mortality rate

11.Salk and sabin vaccines

Substantiate your answer with reasons: (2x2=4)

12.The world health organization establishes and promotes international standards in the field of health.

13.Recommendations of the Bhore committee are still relevant

List the following: (5x2=10)

14.List quantitative methods of management

15.Criteria for assessment of obesity

16.Causes of avoidable blindness in India

17.Elements of primary health care

18.First and second line drugs against tuberculosis 

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Course : Medical Sciences | Subject : Community Medicine

Question :

Essay: (10)

1. It is said that ‘no single method of control’ will adequately address the problem of mosquitos in all areas. In this regard, classify the different methods of the integrated approach to vector control and describe clearly each method with specific reference to mosquitos. (3+7) Problems: (2x5=10)

2. With reference to the ‘levels of prevention’, describe the ‘modes of intervention’

3. Occupational health hazards are increasing in the industrial area coming under your PHC.

As a medical officer what are the steps you will take to control the situation.


Short answer Question: (5x4=20)

4. Bradford Hill’s criteria for judging causality

5. Functions of the ‘family’

6. Principles of ‘health education

’ 7. Assessment of dietary intake

8. Medical termination of pregnancy Act 1971

Differentiate between: (3x2=6)

9. Incidence and prevalence giving examples

10.Polished rice and parboiled rice

11.Gross reproduction rate and net reproduction rate Substantiate your answer with reasons: (2x2=4)

12.Dumping as a method of solid waste disposal should be outlawed

13.Experimental studies are faced with more ethical issues than case control studies

List the following: (5x2=10)

14.Occupational hazards among agricultural workers

15.Characteristics of a ‘standard normal curve’

16.Four chromosomal disorders related to sex chromosomes

17.Biomedical wastes that SHOULD NOT be incinerated

18.Enumerate methods to prevent air pollution

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