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Course : Law | Subject : Constitutional Law

Question :

Solve any two of the following problems :

a) Haryana Panchayat Raj Act, 1994, provided that a person having more than two children is not eligible to contest election for the post of Sarpanch or Panch in Gram Panchayats. However, this provision is not applicable to other institutions of local governance or for those contesting to the State Legislature. This was challenged by one Mr. Javed as discriminatory and violative of Article 14 of the Constitution. Decide

b) Srikanth is working as the first division clerk at RTO Bangalore. An allegation was made that he had misappropriated lots of money in the department. After departmental inquiry he was removed from the service. In the meantime a criminal prosecution was intiated against him under the Prevention of Corruption Act. In the trial Srikanth pleaded that removal from the job is the first punishment and the criminal prosecution amounts for double jeopardy. Decide

c) Bhavani Rao was selected as the Prime Ministirial candidate by PPP Party after the General Elections of 1991. Bhavani Rao's PPP had won only 251 seats in Lok Sabha and falls short of simple majority. PPP negotiated behind the screen with the members of LMM Party who had the strength of 17 members in Lok Sabha promising each of LMM members money of 1 crore for casting vote in favour of PPP during the process of proving majority. According PPP won confidence vote in the Parliament. A NGO ‘Aradhana’suspecting foul play field a case with CBI and the matter came before the Supreme Court. PPP contended before the court privileges under Article 105. Decide.

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Course : Medical Sciences | Subject : Dental Science

Question :

Essays: (2x14=28)

1. Enumerate complications of local anaesthetics. Discuss the causes, prevention and management of trismus following administration of local anaesthesia (4+3+3+4=14)

\2. Describe clinical features, diagnosis and management of Lefort-I fracture. (4+4+6=14)

Short Essays: (4x8=32)

3. Indications and procedure of tracheostomy (4+4=8)

4. Describe clinical features, diagnosis and management of zygoma fractures (2+2+4=8)

5. Describe aetiology, clinical features, diagnosis and management of osteomyelitis (2+2+2+2=8)

6. Describe landmarks and technique of posterior superior alveolar nerve block. Add a note on the possible complications of posterior superior alveolar nerve block. (2+3+3=8)

Short notes: (10x4=40)

7. Papilloma

8. Classify impacted maxillary canines

9. Sutures

10. Autoclave

11. Principles of antibiotic therapy

12. Dental implants

13. Post extraction instructions to the patients.

14. Indications of biopsy

15. Tempero-mandibular joint ankylosis

16. Bronchospasm 

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Course : Medical Sciences | Subject : Dental Science

Question :

Essays: (2x14=28)

1. Discuss various classifications of traumatic injuries to anterior teeth and discuss the management of Ellis class III fracture in an eight years old child.

2. Define early childhood caries. Describe the stages of early childhood caries and discuss the management in detail. Differentiate between nursing bottle caries and rampant caries

Short Essays: (4x8=32)

3. Classify dental fluorosis. Discuss the various de-fluoridation techniques in detail

4. Discuss the clinical presentation, and special considerations in the management of children with Down’s syndrome

5. Classify and give indications, contra-indications of stainless steel crowns

6. Define and classify oral habits and discuss the sequelae and management of thumb sucking habit

Short notes: (10x4=40)

7. HOME (Hand Over Mouth Exercise)

8. Calcium hydroxide

9. Ugly Duckling Stage

10. Distal shoe space maintainer

11. Methods of serial extraction

12. Classification of pit and fissure sealants

13. Tell – Show – Do

14. Rubber dam

15. Teething

16. Pedodontic treatment triangle 

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Course : Medical Sciences | Subject : Dental Science

Question :

1. Classify matrices. Describe tofflemire matrix. Describe various steps involved in placement of this matrix to build proximal contacts. (4+4+6=14)

2. Define access cavity. What are the principles to be followed during access cavity preparation. Describe access cavity preparation for upper central incisor. (2+6+6=14)

Short Essays: (4x8=32)

3. Describe the sterilization of instruments by autoclave method. Explain the Advantages and disadvantages of autoclaves. (2+6=8)

4. Enumerate the various methods of deep caries management and describe the role of calcium hydroxide in deep caries management. (2+6=8)

5. Enumerate the pulp vitality tests. Describe cold test (6+2=8)

6. Enumerate the intracanal irrigants. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of sodium hypochlorite (4+4=8)

Short notes: (10x4=40)

7. Pit and fissure sealants

8. Laminate veneers

9. Advantages of glass ianomer cement

10. FDI tooth nomenclature system

11. Use of radiographs in endodontics

12. Acute irreversible pulpitis

13. Night guard bleaching

14. Ingle’s method to determine working length

15. Establishing resistance form while preparing tooth for restorations

16. Indications for interim restorations ***********

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